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Chiropractic For Children in Palm Beach County, FL

The Community Chiropractor believes that all kids should have access to pediatric Chiropractic services.

Pediatric and Adolescent Chiropractic in Palm Beach County, Florida

Chiropractic care is an essential component to your child's overall well-being. Did you know that in the United States, nearly 20% of all chiropractic patients are under 18 years old? And almost half of those patients are ages 5 and under. At The Community Chiropractor Palm Beach County, we apply a very gentle, precise, low-amplitude adjustment to ease the vertebrae into the correct position in order to restore and maintain a normal and healthy nervous system in your child.

A major component for the health of a developing child is the link between their brain and their body A.K.A. The Spine.  Your child's spine controls the growth and function of every tissue and organ in their body. It sends messages from the brain to various points throughout their body via hundreds of millions of nerves. Any slight interference (pressure on the nerves) can have serious ill-effects on the function of the nervous system itself which in turn can lead to a variety of symptoms such as decreased immune function, illness, decreased mobility, and more.

Many spinal issues that adults face actually began in childhood. If left untreated, childhood spinal problems may eventually lead to serious conditions as we age.  That's why today more than ever, forward-thinking parents are choosing to incorporate chiropractic care into their child's life. Those of us with children who receive regular chiropractic care have seen first hand what chiropractic care can do for their overall well being. 


It is our belief that all children should be having regular wellness check-ups with their family Chiropractor. With proper chiropractic care, spinal problems can be identified and corrected before the problem leads to a chronic condition. 

Call The Community Chiropractor in Palm Beach County, Florida, to schedule a complimentary consultation for your family today. 


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